Saturday, August 1, 2009

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Today I rented a Kubota tractor with a front end loader and a box blade. I started some of the projects that I've needed to do on my 5 acres. Today, I moved the what I call a barn. It's more of a large turn out shed for the horses. We have three and I've got two stalls. After moving the barn about 30 feet out, I used the box blade to bring in some more dirt and level out the previous stall areas.

The next job was clearing an area around my burn pile and getting it out of the way. I had to rent a tractor because I don't have one....yet. My goal is to find an affordable good tractor with the implements I need. Now, I could go and buy a used one, but even the ones from the 1950's and 60's run around $3500. I could do that, but I don't want to spend $100 here, $250 there to keep it running. If I'm going to be spending money to keep something up, I might as well buy new and get the warranty and have everything I want...or um need. Like everyone else in the country, money is tight, we live paycheck to paycheck. The goal is to finally pay off one of the vehicles and then finance a tractor. I just want to get started on the search now.